Tippy Under the Mall

As a tweleve-year old with a shopping mall erected around her home, Tippy Marzipan is accustomed to shoppers gawking into her bedroom window.

Tippy in Niobe

However, she refuses to accept it when Jason Claremore, the owner and developer of the mall, cuts off her family’s water supply in his cruelest bid to force them off their land. She disobeys her peacenik parents and delves beneath the mall to find their sabotaged water pipes. Inside a maintenance tunnel, she befriends Sheraton, a miserable rich kid who is being shoehorned into a materialistic lifestyle by his parents.

Together, they learn of a treasure fabulous enough to give Tippy the leverage she needs to evict Jason from her life forever. To possess it, they must first find Niobe, the gold mining town that mysteriously sunk below the ground. Over the course of Tippy and Sheraton’s subterranean adventure, they nearly suffocate inside a poisoned mineshaft, stumble upon the mummies of a lost tribe of Native Americans, and uncover a star-crossed love story whose artifacts have lain underfoot for forty years.

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