RIP Lillian Jackson Braun

I just learned that Lillian Jackson Brown, author of the Cat Who… Mystery Series has died. When I was younger, I read nearly all the Cat Who.. books. I picked up The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts at a Scholastic Book Fair in Middle School, really liked it, then started the series from the beginning. When one of my friends remarked that her “Grandma loved those books,” I was fairly mortified and its true that sometimes the library only carried “Large Print” editions… they were for an older crowd. But they featured a smart cat and lots of interesting asides about antiques and goats and ancient Chinese pottery glazing techniques. My favorite Cat Who book was The Cat Who Saw Red. Many years later, when Miles and I adopted a Siamese cat named Mao, I always hoped that he would solve mysteries. Mao, unfortunately was cut down in his prime because of congenital cardiomyopathy, but I believe if he had lived to maturity, he would have solved a few murders or robberies. Thinking about the Cat Who books makes me think of Lillian Jackson Braun and my beloved Maocat, so I say ‘rest in peace’ to them both. Koko and Yum Yum would have liked Mao (although Mao was better looking, I’m sure).