Husband and Wife Muddy Shoes

My husband Miles and I had a great time at the Nelsonville Music Festival this weekend…despite the epic amounts of mud. In the picture at left, I am wearing pink Lo-Top Converse and Miles is wearing Palladium boots and these are our feet after three hours, pre-, during, and post- Yo La Tengo performance. We are super-lame and having spent the previous night in a tent, listening to the various arguments and intrigues of adjacent campsites late into the night, we left before the headliners, The Flaming Lips, took the stage. In true, lame Harlow-Liebtag fashion, we went back to Miles’ dads, watched half of Spaceballs and fell asleep on the couch, feeling half-pityingly and half-contemptously toward the campers who were spending the night in the rain.

george jones on mainstage

a very tiny George Jones on the stage