Schenechtady’s ‘rail tragedies’ were all caused by crazy women!

These photos were snapped at the Schenechtady, New York train station. Their two ‘rail tragedies’ have a common theme: womenfolk were to blame!

Mrs. A Beterich, of Albany, was doing some shopping (when are women not shopping, especially HYSTERICAL ones?!) and crossing a street with multiple rail tracks. Two trains were coming down the track in either direction and the fool woman froze with fright, right on the rails. Patrolman James Mynderse pushed her out of the way of one train, but tragically reeled back into the path of the other train and….died.

The very next year, another crazy lady, Miss Cltytie C. Curtis was bicycling home from work, when a flagger tried to discourage her from the crossing the tracks. “Can’t you see? A train is coming! You crazy tomato!” cried the flagger, Henry Maloney (in my imagination). But she insisted: “Mr. Maloney rushed to push her off the tracks but she proceeded to cross and thrust Mr. Maloney back as she pedaled forward. Mr. Maloney was knocked backward and the train stuck Miss Curtis throwing her forward into the gate that crossed the Troy tracks.”

I bet these women were reading books or trying to vote or something! What else could make them so crazy? Certainly, the bicycle riding is suspicious…Miss Clytie C. Curtis, I’m looking at you.

The bicycle rider brought on her doom by riding the devil's velocipede