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My favorite podcast!

My favorite podcast. I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I have very particular taste in music, don’t like much of it and get bored with the songs I like. But podcasts…they generate anew every week, sometimes twice a week! I … Continue reading

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Schenechtady’s ‘rail tragedies’ were all caused by crazy women!

These photos were snapped at the Schenechtady, New York train station. Their two ‘rail tragedies’ have a common theme: womenfolk were to blame! Mrs. A Beterich, of Albany, was doing some shopping (when are women not shopping, especially HYSTERICAL ones?!) … Continue reading

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This Onion article hits too close to home

geographically and figuratively

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My Visit to the CERN

In August 2009, I had the opportunity to visit the CERN, which is an old acronym which refers to the European Organization for Nuclear Research. It’s a sprawling compound that stretches across France and Switzerland. More than 20 European countries … Continue reading

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